About Leadnet

Leadnet (established in 2006) is an innovation leader in web site design, building, services, and interactive publications, as well as Facebook and Mobile application programing.

Leadnet offers a wide range of services in information technology and publications, such as building websites, designing commercial labels (branding), innovative design of publications, planning marketing campaigns, environment designs, interactive advertising and programming applications for social networks and smart phones. Leadnet moreover offers small business start-up packages that assist new business in their upstart.

Through professional and experienced staffs, Leadnet strives to deliver the best services and offerings in the industry through close partnership with our customers.

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    Albishara St. Mary's Well,
    P.O.Box 204, Nazareth 16100
    Phone: +972 72 2509083
    Fax: +972 72 2509084
    Email: info@leadnetltd.com